Personalities and brands play a role in the promotion of the city of Port Harcourt. The efforts and diligent work of these brands and personalities have to be fully enocouraged and appreciated hence Portharcourt Achievers Award.

Portharcourt Achievers Awards is an initiative that recognizes, appreciates and encourages various personalities and brands who support and promote Portharcourt City as a destination for business, productivity and progress in Nigeria and have been instrumental to youth development and the grouth of Portharcourt City in various aspects of life such as Social-Culturally, Religiously, Politically, Academically and in terms of entertainment.

This award is exclusive for personalities and brands whose efforts to promote the Port Harcourt city cannot be underestimated and stands to encourage others to put in more effort. 

Portharcourt Achievers awards simply recognizes their efforts and publicly honors these individuals and brands in the bid to see more brands support the Growth of Portharcourt city to the world.

Achievers are pacesetters so they should be appreciated.

 Portharcourt Achievers awards is organized by the following brands:

•Creators Worldwide media 

•Hot360 Entertainment

•Peter Dibua Media(www.dibuapeterinforms.com.ng)

•Kenneth Grace Media 

•Portharcourtqueen ORG..

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