On June 20th, 2020 four bloggers (Dibua Peterinforms, Titinaija, Officialunique, 9jaflint) met, had an interview and discuss their blogging story.

Read below the details of the meeting 
The Intro song
Poka flex b ft official unique download link https://officialuniqueblog.com.ng/2020/01/17/music-unique-ft-flex-b-poka

Peterinforms: Good evening bloggers
Welcome to the JUNE 20TH SHOW.
Peterinforms: Can we please introduced our selves?
Peterinforms: Am DIBUA PETER, I stay in ASABA and am a blogger.
9ja Flint: Am Stephen Isekhua, based in Lagos
Officialunqiue: Oluwatoyosi Malomo (OfficialUniqueBlog) Based In Lagos. Female Blogger.
Titinaija: I'm Titinaija based in Ogun state.
The first blogger to be interviewed is 9ja flint.
 Peterinforms: So MR 9JA FLINT
 9ja Flint: I'm good
 Peterinforms: Tell us about yourself?
9ja Flint: I'm very quiet and hate making friends anyhow. But loves being around hustlers.
 Officialunqiue: Is Blogging an Hobby to you or a Profession? With explanaitions
 9ja Flint: It an hobby to me because I love writing and surfing through the net very well
 Officialunqiue: So you don't see it as a source of Income?
 9ja Flint: Smiles......
Sorry for not adding the income aspect. Money is the key result in all we do.
Peterinforms: With this question, how do you feel when you close friends tells you to blog them adverts, songs and posts for free?
 9ja Flint: Huh
I don't do free business for even my family members. For a friend telling me to blog an advert or songs for free makes me feel really bad. That kind of job is a capital NO.
 Peterinforms: Tell us your journey into blogging?
 Peterinforms: Starting up, where there role models, start up capitals and the rest?
 9ja Flint: I started blogging in the year 2018. Before successfully  creating my first site it was like a die situation but thanks to God for everything. My blogging journey has never been an easy task from friends and even family members.
 9ja Flint: Sorry
I don't understand sir.
 Peterinforms: It was included in the journey into blogging
 9ja Flint: Okay.
Titinaija: Can you tell us some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?
9ja Flint: My role model in the blogging industry is  Linda Ikeji.
 Peterinforms: Wow that's nice...so what inspirations do you draw from her, that makes her your role model?
 9ja Flint: The main thing that made me love her is the popularity and the Fame she has
 Peterinforms: So Mr 9ja flint..you have two blog account..so what's up with it?
 9ja Flint: Yeah
I newly created a new blog account which is mainly for upcoming artistes.
Titinaija : Tell me your achievement in blogging?
 9ja Flint: Currently
My biggest achievement so far in blogging is being ranked under the 5 popular bloggers in FUOYE.
 Peterinforms: What's FUOYE?
9ja Flint: Federal University Oye Ekiti.
 Peterinforms: Facing challenges and overcoming challenges as a blogger...tell us about it?
9ja Flint: There are a lot of challenges sure of coming your way as we all know. But my biggest challenge when I started was getting funds. But with the help of my friends I was able to overcome that.
Peterinforms: About funds...Managing and owing a word press account is quite costly...tell us how you do manage it?
9ja Flint: Yeah it was really a big burden but with the help of my friends that is no longer a problem for now.
Titinaija: What initiated the name 9jaflint?
 9ja Flint: M a big fan of the word 9ja decided to look for a strong word to connect with it and o found flint which means solid stone. So I decided to go with 9jaflint meaning 9ja solid stone.
 Peterinforms: Wow
Peterinforms: Any special shout out and words of advice?
9ja Flint: Special shout out to my great bestie been a great friend from the very first day I met her. My advice to young bloggers like myself is to be consistent in all they do.
Peterinforms: It was a pleasant having talking with you Mr 9ja and sharing your blog experiences with us
 9ja Flint: Welcome Sir.
 Peterinforms: The next blogger on the list of the interview is TIT NAIJA.
Titinaija: TITINAIJA***
Peterinforms: Or sorry for that
Peterinforms: So the name titinaija?
Titinaija: No problems boss.
Peterinforms: So the name titinaija?
Peterinforms: How did it came up?
Titinaija: It came up through a friend of mine ,he loves calling me titi so he adopted the naija at the back of his own nick and gave it to me ,so I also named my blog after my nick.
 Peterinforms: That's great.  You are a female blogger amidst majority of male bloggers...how do you handle your connections?
Titinaija: It has been God all through its not easy to be the only female blogger dangling in the midst of many male bloggers but I seem to find my way amongst them.
 9ja Flint: Can you name some of your favorite bloggers and tell us why they are your favorites?
Titinaija: I don't have a favorite blogger but I love them all especially those who impacted positively to my blogging world
9ja Flint: Okay.
 Peterinforms: I have a friend that joined the group, can you in your simple way explain what blogging is all about?
Titinaija: Umm Blogging to me is no longer a choice but a career ,its a job you take up when you have the passion for it because if you don't have passion for it you will end up dropping half way, its also a job u spend more than earn
Blogging a job that brings updates closer to the people and its also entails you being able to write good content and creating one or recreating the existing ones.
Peterinforms: You are a student right?
Titinaija: Yes
Peterinforms: How do you cope blogging especially the updates part with your academic activities?
Titinaija: Its grace, but you know when you have passion for what you are doing ,you will create time when there is no time ,it's just that I have to stay up many nights to meet up with both.
9ja Flint: What did you find most frustrating as a female blogger?
Titinaija: Frustrating as a female blogger is when u need a male blogger to explain things to u and instead he lifts up different advances
 Peterinforms: Hmmm
That's quite bad
Peterinforms: And what do you do in this scenario?
Titinaija: As a quite person I just reply with "Okay" or "Alright" then leave the place or DM but you will never see me going back to the blogger anymore.
Peterinforms: That's encouraging....
Journey into blogging.. Starting up and the rest?
Titinaija: My journey into blogging was just like a joke(laughs)
I have a male friend who is a blogger so I do help in arranging news links for BC so with that I got more interested till I became a blogger but then me helping him out was like whiling away time for Me then.
Peteinforms:This is a story
9ja Flint: How often do you communicate with your followers?
Titinaija: That's one bad side of me, I don't really chat I'm the hustling type if I'm online I will rather be on net.
9ja Flint: Smiles...okay
Peterinforms: What are you aspirations as a blogger?
Titinaija: I want to be well known across the world, have fame and be some people's role model.
Peterinforms:That's nice
Peterinforms: Another pressing questions I forgot to ask 9ja flint and I think am brining it up is about circulation of false news and probably a news that might be incomplete... How do you see this as a blogger and has it ever been reported of you doing such
Titinaija: 9jaflint question?
Peterinforms: Nope I think it will be a general question.. You can answer it
Titinaija: Yea to me it has been reported that i carried an incomplete news then but trust me every blogger has their share in this.
To me incomplete or fake news to me is like catching cruise that's why most of the time I don't quickly carry Trending News just to be sure of what we are passing across to the people.
Peterinforms: That's great.
Peterinforms: managing and sourcing of resources...how do you it?
Titinaija: Don't get the question well
 Peterinforms: I meant how do you get funds for your blogging?
Titinaija: Umm,With the support of My lovely sis, and my man together with God's mercy.. No one is out there to help.
Titinaija: I just don't get to do things when I want I have to save up to get things done.
 Peterinforms: We pray for better sponsors
Peterinforms: Any word of advice and shout outs?
Titinaija: Shout outs go to my sister, my man ,loyal fans and my co bloggers who wants to see me win.
And my advice to up coming is too never lose hope for after tribulations and sorrows come day of joy and happiness.
Peterinforms: Titi NAIJA we appreciate your time in this interview.
Thanks a lot.
Titinaija: Thank You.
Titinaija:Welcome boss.
Peterinforms: The next up blogger on our list is
Dibua Peterinforms
Officialunqiue: How can you impact the society with your blog?
Peterinforms: OK...through updated stories..I also give advice's and hints to the upcoming bloggers.
Peterinforms: Am planing to organise a charity visit after the lock down is a way of contributing to the society.
 Peterinforms: With the help of my fellow bloggers I can achieve this.
Titinaija: What type of networking do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the blog?
Peterinforms: Social media networking...making sure that your stories are real and reaching out those who might know about the stories.
9ja Flint: What inspired you to start up your blog?
 Peterinforms: I have always served as a PRO
right from my secondary school days and up till my university days
 Peterinforms: And I write, one day my elder sister came up to me and says is it not better you start writing...that just scribbling in tiny papers(laughs).
Titinaija: Have u met any famous person in your blogging journey?
 Peterinforms: Yes..but not too famous..I belong to blogging society..we all planned to organise national bloggers conference but due to this pandemic it was suspended.
Titinaija: How would you describe your blogging style?
Peterinforms: Simple..I work with brands so am not too news kind of blogger.
Peterinforms: I do upload stories and novels on my site.
 Titinaija: What do you do in your free time?
 Peterinforms: I think is best know to me..I hardly have free time
I do schedule my days.
Titinaija: Alright
 Officialunqiue: What do you wish will be the future of Blogging In Nigeria?
 Peterinforms: Seeing you guys as top most bloggers along side with me will be great
 Peterinforms: Am not a news kind of bloggers but I want to see myself
 working with bigger organisations and brands.
9ja Flint: What are your biggest failure in blogging and what did you learn from it?
Peterinforms: OK..working with a wrong programmer and borrowing money to create a word press account... It took me months before paying up.
Titinaija: How do you cope relationship life with blogging?
Peterinforms: Blogging does not take my time...
That most people think it does...blogging does not take time... Is fun switching between the blog application..
Peterinforms: The highest time I think I have spent blogging is for a brand work is 3hours..so when am done with blogging I do other things.
Titinaija: That's because of the niche you are oo
Titinaija: Entertainment bloggers can relate.
Peterinforms: Yes..that's why I do brand blogging..following up entertainment is quite busy... You have to stay up to date especially with the kind of electricity system and network system we have in Nigeria. 
Titinaija: True
Peterinforms: I think this is part of the challenges I face as a blogge in this country.
 Peterinforms: Another issue is about google search engine, we all as bloggers tries our best to see that our articles are been rated in the google search engine and easier to find by our viewers
Titinaija: Ummm
Titinaija: So boss unique is next
Officialunqiue: (Heart Beating)
Titinaija:(laughs emoji)
Titinaija: So how do u merge your music career and blogging together?
Officialunqiue: It is really a though one but you know once you have passion for something. You will always have a way around it. So I literally turned myself into an artiste under the blog. That way I know I have to serve a client.
9ja Flint: Who has impacted in you most in blogging and how?
 Officialunqiue: I won't say I have been impacted by anyone in particular in blogging I would just say I have scattered my ears on the ground and learned from several places and people.
9ja Flint: Waow Really nice
 Officialunqiue: Thank You Sir
Peterinforms: The name microphone rocker
Peterinforms: The name sounds powerful..
Peterinforms: The story behind the name?
Officialunqiue: Yeah. It is really a strong one and it means so much to me. I am so emotional about the Name. Microphone is a powerful tool. It is a devices that reaches the Multitude. So Unique being a Microphone Rocker simply means me reaching out to multitudes in several forms. Remember the Mic isn't used for just Music.
Peterinforms: That's great...being a music uploader blogger...how often do you get the songs of your clients to their listeners?
 Officialunqiue: I am more concern about Music from Star rising artiste like me. Therefore I have created such fan base that embrasses that medium.
Peterinforms: That's good
 Peterinforms: Coping with challenges as a blogger?
Officialunqiue: Please rephrase
Peterinforms: Tell us how you do cope with challenges as s blogger?
Officialunqiue: Life itself is full of Challenges. As a blogger it is only Normal but then I make sure I identify the challenges first and look around for solutions and most Importantly I table it to my Creator.
Titinaija: Tell us your achievement so far?
Officialunqiue: To the Glory Of God. I got two Awards last year. Blogger of the Year and Most Creative Blogger Of The Year.
I have a Youtube Channel Functioning for the Blog and I am dropping my first Movie under the blog soon to mention but a few
Titinaija :(thumbs up) wow.
Peterinforms:So future aspirations as a blogger and a music artiste?
Officialunique: (Smile) So many projects coming out from the Blog. Like I do say I am not just a Blogger ... I am a Content Blogger. The Blog covers events and we have shows that we run too. 
Music.... We die there... More songs... Videos coming out and Vibe With Unique my Yearly show all in God's Hands.
9jaflint: Jah is always with you.
Official unique:Amen and you too my dear
Titinaija: So how old is your blog now and your music career?
Officialunqiue: Close to 4 years for both starting from the time I became serious with them both.
Titinaija : Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this interview, Jah blessings fall on us 
Titinaija: May we all be great in life and achieve all our aims.
Titinaija: Nice having u guys here
9ja Flint: Amen
 Peterinforms: Amen
Official unique: Amen.

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