3am Friday Morning, the world is fast asleep but she is wide awake with her mind tossing with wild plague of Worthlessness, Hopelessness, and Helplessness! And then her Mind came to stand still. She felt every silence knowing this moment she realized how alone she has been all this while

She try to lift her hands but that monster headache is back again. She reaches Out to her bag to bring some pain killer , this has been her life for the past few One,Two, Three,Four,Five, Six,Seven, eight.....and she lost count ...She pull herself if to get a glass of water and she is greeted by suffocating Sting coming from the pile of dishes, she been trying to clean them up only that she has been stock in bed for the past Three(3)Days (crying emoji).. Pillow soaked with tears and body numb as she tries to take some sleeping pills who knows she might get an hour sleep if not for ever(sick emoji).
Allow Depression! Is the reason she why leaves everyone not because she doesn't need them but because you have to reject them before they reject you.

___ the reason she lost interest in everything that interest her.  The reason why she comes to church late, take the back bench , leaves immediately they share the Grace.

__ Depression is seen as a weakness , a Western disease for the social misfit who cannot face their challenge so in silence ,She fades away little by little . She is perfect outside and Put up smiles but if you Keen to look inner, you will see how devoid of peace and Love she is! Fighting hidden with fears of unknown and known trying so hard to break free. Depressed Of Love!

__ You see, Addiction is depressing and Depression causes Addictions... So we fight against the mask of Addiction because it comes with Depression,Low self esteem, Inferiority complex, Quilt and Emptiness__
*** Question: When last did you call, text, Or make someone feel valued and Love! ? Love heals..

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