Victoria Nelson a blogger,red carpet host, script writer, copywriter, content creator let us know that she lives a quiet boring live in a tete a tete I had with her.

Victoria Nelson

•Who is Victoria Nelson?
Victoria Nelson is a blogger, content creator, red carpet host, scriptwriter, copywriter and future talk show host. Phew I like to think of myself as an artist. I mean, I do literally everything else in the arts apart from actual artistry.

• Tell us about your hobbies?
I like creating drama and fully acting them myself in front of my mirror. You'll catch me doing that 6/10 times. The remaining 4/10 is spent sleeping.

Neh. Asides racing games tho

•Have you gotten drunk in a party?
Lol. Just very recently. So, yh

•Have you ever cried so much for something?
 Lol. Yup

•Have you ever been smacked on the butt by an unknown guy while walking?
Yes. It was in the night. I almost died of fear cos I was walking on that rush alone.

Victoria Nelson

 •Most embarrassing moment?
 I don't even know. I've had tons. I think one has to be the day I was punished in secondary school for being a gangster. It's funny now but even in my punishment, I still tried to remain slay. Like, I was doing this whole, "pick pin" punishment and I was still trying to act unbothered. Lol

•Tea or Coffee?

 •Sense and style of fashion?
 I like being comfortable in what I wear. I like very simple and easy looks. I don't have strength.

•One crazy habit you have that people don't know about?
I don't think I have any

•Gist with girls?
Not so much. I live a boring life so I hardly even gist with anyone😂😂😂

 •Most cherished body part?
My lips

•Sex life?
Running emoji🏃

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