The Man And His Manhood

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The man and His manhood...

Dear man, you are a demi god but closed up..
Your power is much but clown. What is wrong with us.

Is it a crime to be born a man.

My parents told my sister when growing up that if she sees her menses , she Has become a woman.....attention was given to her and sex education upon sex education.

Nobody told me that there is something called Morning Erection.

Nobody told  me that wet dreams exist.

Nobody took time to give me sex education and direct me on the aspect of manhood.

Nobody,  told me that sometimes, your penis will rise without any reason and even with reason but however this what u will do ?

Were u told all this ?

So, porn I took to porn at young age, and got my sex education from my peers, they told me,

You are a man and  sex is what makes you real man. So have it.

They exposed me to porn and then I began masturbating..

I visit proustitu house at my a young age. I saw that sex is man and man is do all, give all for sex, a d have that Lady or girl not to treat her as a human but as a sex they hook up.

 I began hook up, joined many WhatsApp groups and too on Facebook. He started  sending nudes , download X_Videos and do video call of masturbation.

I was told, u have to have a big dick for girls to enjoy I started taking  drugs, tramadol,  codeine etc to boost my energy and kill her on bed cos I was told a man is measured by his strebght on Bed.

So, every woman is a target of hook up, online dating, online relationship, we talk, and share nudes and call ourselves Lovers.

But do u know that , it doesn't satisfy, the more I engage in it, the more frustrating and miserable life  becomes

 I and my horny hands grasping my penis all the time, mind is full of dirty stuff, and I can get arousal almost all the time.

I felt like a slave to Porn, To Sex, To Masturbating, To Drugs, To Substance, To Friends and To Love.

I can't love myself cos I love is determined  by that woman. No wonder I call and push my self to her all the time yet get frustrated and we break up and I start looking for another cos I think Love is determined by a lady plus sex given. I became tired, feel lonely yet surrounded by friends, I feel depressed, confused and don't know what to do.

Me: let me ask you! Is Sex really a determinant of Love, and who told u women are doing good by giving u sex.

So,  your poverty and frustration has reached to the extent of been a male proustitu, u have to sleep with an older Woman just to make money,

Who lied to you that Boyfriend and Girlfriend is a Must for everyone and must involve Sex.

Who said, that the measurement of a Man is by doing all this or some( sex, drugs, substance, porn, etc) and if u not found there, you called  Jew man.

 Dear woman is doing good for giving u sex.

So stop been begarlly asking.

See the first step for been a man is SOLVING PROBLEN and PURPOSE.

To be a man is to solve a problem,
Life is in niches, find your own and develop it.

Ur manhood is not measured in the inches but in Purposefulness!
In rejecting comfortability and embracing teachability
Is in finding a problem and be determine to solve it...consistently... Our issue is that we give up on dreams so quickly, so we struggle and feel comfortable.

May I ask, even the sex, how far with it...are you satisfied, no wonder you jump from one to another, one thing with naughtiness is that is ever demanding,

Have you seen how u lost focus,feel depressed and full of guilty even with those act of sex,and fun you called it.

In this platform, we want MEN not BOYS with Penis.

#Be a man! Do something, Influence ! Be purposeful and Know your worth.

#more frontiers to be broken

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