To promote your business in such a way as to make huge and tremendous sales, and to reach prospective, new and returning customers, there needs to be a way to gather their contact details, both online and offline, in a consistent and continuous way to easily reach and connect with them.

So the need to go digital with your marketing has increased, as your customers and everything in this era and age has gone digital.

Work flows and routine tasks are now being automated, for speed, to achieve more in a very short time and for more efficiency. And so, selling your business also has to be automated. The need to reach more customers instantly and at the go has increased, and to achieve this, automating normal office relations with customers using emails and on social media is very crucial.

With software tools that automate the sending of bulk emails and scheduled posts on all social media platforms, you can easily reach many prospective customers and reconnect with your customers by scheduling emails and posts and equally send many emails to a large number of people in just an instant.

As your customer base increases and from different parts of the world, the need for a unified payment system that is not restricted or limited by individual country policies abounds. So, with a popular payment like PayPal that is not confined to any country, you can easily receive payment from your customers from any part of the world, without bank policies. That is, paypal simplifies foreign exchange payments and transfers.

These and more will be handled in this 2nd course of the webinar series "All about Facebook & Ads" 1.1.

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