we conducted an interview with David Rest a gospel artiste on his recent released and trending song PROCESS  find out what he has to tell us about the song. We are and we will like to have an interview with you about your recent song Process. Can we get to meet you sir?
Leorest: Ooh my name is davidrest,
Am an indigene of amansiodo in ezeagu Enugu State,
Am the first of 4 children,
Grew up in amukoko orile iganmu lagos Wow That's nice Is likely you have a lot of responsibility as being the first born?
Leorest: Yes oooh,
Though I have very industrious siblings who dont believe in asking people for help, well I guess that's one of the attribute gotten from my father 'sir Simeon Steven snr.
But it still doesn't remove the fact that sooner or later I will assume the responsibility of a father
So thats why I combine music with business. Laughs
Will you say growing up in Lagos State influenced your going into music?
Leorest: Yes for sure,
Music started in jss 1 wen I ll always for class rap battles,
Ajegunle for me was a place of training for me,
You see alot of dramas,
And for me I still believe that ajegunle was a place music started
In the likes of Daddy shokky... African China Baba frayo,and many more.
Leorest: Sorry I still believe music started from ajegunle You can rap too? But there was not a drop of rapping in process?
Leorest:Well I try , But I started with raping, But I stopped after God painted my voice with beauty I switched (smiles) Did you by any chance get to meet with this artiste and can you say they were your role models?
Leorest: Well they were,Most especially the plantaishun boyz, R remedies ,,,But I never met them because my fathers strict restrictions..He never wanted me to do music. Will you say you disobeyed him going into music?
Leorest:Well I think I did not, I feel change is constant ,due to my doggedness he surrendered to my desire and passion.
Leorest:Which is me making music. Apart from Music what other thing do you do?
Leorest: Well I am also an entrepreneur I guessed its our nigerian situation that forced out the entrepreneur spirit in me. Wow
Talking about music, when did you venture into music, (studio session and stage perfomances)?
Leorest: Well my first studio session was in 2016 and My first stage performance was in a church concert as at 2012
Leorest: But I decided to focus fully into music last yr September wen I released my second singles ...which is the first that went online. Ok...nice
Apart from process, have you released any other songs?
Leorest:Yes I did a downpour last year..with my brother nel. Let's talk about the song
Process, We believe there must be a story behind it?
Leorest: Hmmmm
Leorest: Yes
I think the inspiration came when I was down with the attitude of comparing myself with others.
It got me depressed till Christ showed me how blessed I am in him,
 So I figured that though am not there yet but am in a process.
Leorest: It also applies to some other people going through the same disease of comparing themselves. wow wow
Composing process; why choose the name PROCESS?
Leorest: Oh kk
Well the first name I wanted to use was journey man, but I changed it wen I listened to the beat.
Leorest: The word just dropped in my spirit. Is nice
You will say is an inspiration?
Leorest: Yes man. That for sure Ok... our readers will like to find out how long it took process to form. Writing the song (were there late hours, skipping meals and schedules)The studio session?
Leorest: Well
Music writing is a gift so I wrote process under 2days. And recorded the song just a day ....... 3 days?
Leorest: Its like me writing the song this week and doing recording 2 weeks after
Leorest: But the work came during the beat production Oh..ok Process you said it changed your mindset about comparison
You can say Process will have a positive influence on the listeners in comparing themselves to others?
Leorest: Yes
And with the little testimonies i got from people ..I am convinced that it has Oh thats nice How to intend to get process to a larger auidence?
Leorest:Well that I intend working with online influencers and marketers but you know as they say" na money them they use push music!. will provide. Our readers will like to find out your relationship status
Single or Married?
Leorest: Well am single and not really searching "lol. pray for her to come through(smiles)
Leorest:Same here ooh Any philosophy in life or any motto driving you on in singing?
Leorest:Oh kk.
I believe in decency in music so that's the reason why am burdened to introduce decency into the music industry as a whole What's is your view point about this current gospel music trend in this country?
Leorest: It should be innovative and more poetic. What roles do you see your self playing in gospel music?
Leorest:My role is to bring balance..
A gospel singer should not limit is reach. I believe Christians can still sing secular.
Leorest:We need creative writers....
So that our impact won't be limited to just the church. Coming to secular music and gospel songs, Our readers needs to know the different cos a lot of misconceptions has been held secular music.
Most people thinks secular music has to do it with all about Sexual or relationship songs
Leorest: Well music is mainly about the person because songs carry music.
I think what people call secular is wrong. Secular simply means any thing that's not religious,civil or lay. Hmmm
Leorest:We can have good decent love songs,
With correct inpiring lyrics ok why would I play Nathaniel basseys songs in my wedding??
I mean what happens when we have a spirit filled believer doing love songs???
Leorest:So in conclusion the difference between gospel and secular is the personđŸ€đŸ», Laughs
Sure you can, If he can sing love song that day. is nice Are we expecting a rap song from you soon?
Leorest:Well yes. So we are expecting more innovative and poetic songs from you?
Leorest:In my next project.
Yes and also working with creative minds also to make it unique. Ok Sir You can drop PROCESS Download links so our readers can get to listen to it.
Leorest: ok
Leorest: Any advice to gospel artistes and upcoming musicians?
Leorest: My advice to them is never doubt yourself.
Anything is possible with God, never stop working on you.Always depend on Gods grace.
And finally Don't be a drop out because of music
Leorest: Your academics is gain Ok thanks a lot Any special thanks and acknowledgment for the song Process
Leorest: Well I want to thank my family, Cynthia Ijeoma a very wonderful woman, My guy Dibua Peter's, Felix Duru, Jude Onuorah,Sir Divine,,, Sneh,, acurate my man..and my fans from Lagos ,nsk and abuja.
Leorest:Most especially ....Princess Chidinma
Leorest:And darozi the producer. Wow
Thanks a lot It was a nice time having you Sir
Leorest: Yes you welcome
Leorest: Yes sire
Leorest: Thank u sire.

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