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Love is an inside thing just as significance is an inside job.
My story... I grew up in a family of 6 as the fifth and I never had an awesome childhood. I was intelligent boy but what happened.

My parents never for one day said .. Chinonso I love you. I want to be loved and accepted just as the deepest craving of every one is to be loved and accepted.

So what happened when we don't get what we want.... Keep coming

But let me I have fellows as me on this matter ?  If yes...let's hail ourselves....Lol.

Listen: Do you know that the young girl that lost her virginity, the one that got pregnant, died of abortion, got her womb destroyed was as a result of of the Word I LOVE YOU;
She was seeking to be loved and one confused man used love as a weapon to get her attention and mess her up... such a powerful word..

Do you agree with me on know the feeling of butterfly in the stomach when I love you is coming....let me put it to you... gifts wasn't just all... words was the most used that lured her ...

Do you know that young man. .....yes that one that became Alcoholic, became Depressed, Became a flirt including joining bad gang(cult) that one that smoked .. was Cos he was looking for love, he wanted to emotional sensation of Love and having lost it.   He resulted to Depression, smoking , drinking, joined bad gang just ease off the pressure of supposedly HearBreak...

How many agree with me ...and how many are on this table....Lol

Firstly :: we must First Love ourself....

To tell you the truth, I bought a standing mirror for this purpose, I always look myself in the mirror and call myself by name , Chimnonso.. you look good, you loved and accepted.
I speak Good of myself...

Do u also know that I take myself out food and drink and call myself Nonso.. enjoy yourself joor...I was using self therapy on myself
I dress and compliment myself... This I did until I found Love within me...that why I said is an inside Job first.

Those things formed my reality...I discovered my identity is found on what God and I say concerning myself not others .  I became a channel of Love and became easy to love others and find Love...I became a Love magnetor.

Another way:: You need to have a different view of Love. Love is beyond Male to female attraction, Or Man to man , Or woman to woman..or Man to Animal .

If your perception is that Love is Gender based then you will always suffer heartbreak and will remain in perpetual demand for Love and attention.

Originally.. love is benevolence  ......a strong affection for something or someone mostly to protect the interest of that thing. .. not to have sex or have sexual thought for such .

So you must come to understand Love from this angle if u really want to feel Loved.

Learn to use the word Love without sentiment.. it is not gender based..

Lastly::: You must learn to be happy with yourself..  At time .. I play music and dance to it , I became normal with abnormality...

Truly is normal to be abnormal... In all remember that Joy is a jail breaker....

Remember Love is a powerful weapon that can break you loose from Addiction, Identity confusion, Relationship stress and Love matters and help you discover your purpose and essence of being.

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