Interview with Chizzy boi ( a media comedian)

We had an interview with Anoruo Chibueze Cuthbert a Media comedian and he told us about his tales in the comedy world, find out more on What Anoruo Chibueze (chizzyboi) told us in this interview. Obara Jesus?
Chizzyboi: Yeah This
We want to have interview with you
Chizzyboi: Okay Can we get to know you sir?
Chizzyboi: What and what do you want to know please? Your name, the places you are from, what you are currently doing now?
Chizzyboi: Okay my name is
 Anoruo Chibueze Cuthbert
And am from Eziala ihitte in Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA Imo state You are into comedy?
Chizzyboi: Yes am a media comedian Our readers will like find out what media comedy is?
Chizzyboi: They are many sectors of comedy but the two major are Stand Up which deals with stage performance and
Media comedy which deals with the creation of funny relatable contents online. Ok you will say you are based on media comedy?
Chizzyboi: Yes Why venture into media comedy and not stand up comedy?
Chizzyboi: That's because I can easily express my comic self through videos. Wow
That's cool. Every thing we know has a beginning..
Can you tell us about your start up into media comedy?

Chizzyboi: Well I had a huge interest in acting, I actually never planned on being a media comedian, but I couldn't any other means to get my self out there in the world of entertainment, so I decided to start creating funny contents .. I shot my first comedy skit in 2013 with a small phone named C2 (Laughs)
Its funny,
Using a C2 phone, how will the images be like?

Chizzyboi: Lol.. Tiny and blurry sha but as of then I felt like I was using the best video equipment ever. (Laughs)
That's great.... Chizzyboi
Sounds funny,
I have been asking my self what's the difference between Obara Jesus and Chizzyboi
And why those names?
Chizzyboi: Well the name Chizzyboi was given to me by my cousin who I call big Chizzy, I loved his personality so much that I wanted something similar to his name, one day i was going through his phone i saw my contact was saved as chizzyboy, he told me that he saved it that way in order to differentiate me from his female friend who also called chizzy and since then the name stuck.. I only change the boy to boi cos I wanted to be different..
The name Obarajesus came after I shot a video that went viral, in which I shouted Obarajesus, so the people who never knew me as chizzyboi called me Obarajesus (laughs) Wow
That's great
So which in the two will you prefer?
Chizzyboi: Obarajesus was a coincidence, I've always loved and preferred to be called Chizzyboi. But your stage remains Chizzyboi?
Chizzyboi: Yes Wow
That's nice Being a Unn student what impact will you say that media comedy has in your academic?
Chizzyboi: For me to create funny contents I need to make maximum use of my brain, by thinking and cracking my brain to get concepts  it has created multiple  pathways for creativity.  American scientists found out that creative people tend to have smaller connections between the two hemispheres of the brain (the left brain and right brain), called the corpus callosum, which could help give ideas more time to develop. I channel  the developments toy study which leads to my academic excellence. Wow
Our readers will be glad to hear that you a topmost brilliant comedian..
Chizzyboi: Yes please they should be glad, cus Some people view comedians as unserious clowns. take too
Even to most entertainers. Any challenges so far?
How best do you tackle those challenges?
Chizzyboi: Every one faces challenges even media comedians do (if not worse)  but like every  successful person would say, we see challenges as  hurdles that we have to overcome. Thanks for the encouragement Every one simply has a role model in what ever he/she is doing?
Do you have role models?
Chizzyboi: Yes I do,
I have role models like
•Sydney talker
•Nasty blaq
•Broda shaggy
•Craze clown
Etc. Wow so nice Any advice for upcoming entertainers and comedians too?
Chizzyboi: Well i would say they should try as much as possible to study the industry.
There are countless places where one can learn how the industry works as well as how to become a better comedian. ...
They should try to Study general business,
Find a mentor,
Learn to book themselves ,
Master their craft and lastly
Find their own uniqueness. Thanks a lot chizzyboi It was nice talking with you
Thanks for your time.
Chizzyboi:you are welcome (smiles)

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