There's so much more to Facebook than you know about, and you can use Facebook to achieve so much more: in real estate/property selling, network marketing, selling your business products & services to make more money.

Cheki & Jiji are able to sell your cars and items for you when you pay them because, the only thing they do is to target those that have interest in your car, are likely and ready to buy, in addition to using their known brand name, website as a stock showroom to see their other products. With Facebook ads and it's tool, this is a plus for you.

With Facebook robust advertising tools (Facebook Ads), network marketers, dropshippers, Forex & Crypto Miners and traders can easily target people that are interested in making money, and are able to pay, because ordinary Facebook post is limited to your friends, whereas with Facebook ads, you can reach the those outside your network and country, but have similar interests as you, and or able, willing and ready to pay.

Facebook is now more than a social media platform, you can even put up a job vacancy and even apply for and get a job via facebook tools, just like LinkedIn (without even leaving your facebook account or page to another website).

You can even have an online store on Facebook, from your account, where you can put what you have for people to see, contact and patronize you.

Like Skype, Facebook has integrated features to help you host an online video meeting/conference and have people attend, and be able to communicate via chat with you, like a webinar. In this season of staying at home, and learning from home, you want to know how to host a live video training session, free of noise interference of "please mute your mic" and to share your knowledge.

And with all of Google's built-in features in your Gmail, you want to know how to create an online form. For example, you'll learn how to create the registration form in the link below you'll use to register. Your Google account is not just for "Gmail" and "Drive"

With all these tools, you can be more productive and your business much more profitable, geometrically.

These and lots more you'll learn from this webinar, and what you can do with your Gmail, more than just sending and receiving mails.

To get the tutorial videos for our "All about Facebook & ADS 1.0" click on the link below:

~ Mmesoma Samuel Enibe (Host)

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