She incites sympathy from men,
And hatred from others; spite
The ones who hate are envious of her shine,
For they could never be like her
Even if they tried.
There's strength in her kindness,
And love in her touch,
Her forgiveness elicits graciousness,
And in her eyes scream the softest of strength that has overcame the hardest of fires.

She walks past me e'ryday
Past the front porch and into the mirror,
I look at her and I'm intrigued
If not by her pretty smile, then by her loving eyes
And that's all she wants me to see
But I couldn't stop at that
There were a lot more hidden beneath
One of which I'm quite fascinated the most by
Is the fire that's burning just below the surface,
Gentle and steady, low and patient, so it seems
Protecting e'ryone she loves within
That if you stretch out your hand and try to reach them,
It immediately roars and surges up,
Threatening to burn anything and anyone around.

Tobechi Ikeson (Mhiaa)

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