Find out the view of people on online business, it's merits and demerits

Online Business Networking Site?
 An online business networking site is a service that seeks to connect viable networking partners with each other via an online platform. But in Nigeria setting is a business that has to do with investing money to get paid later with a higher amount of money.

Some of these business include
Pyramid scheme,

 Most of these businesses has their sad tales and its benefits.

We conducted a research with few people to find out

 Their own meaning of online business, if the business is profitable? It's operation in Nigeria? And Should people venture into it?

And read the answers to the above questions

:Online networking  is a good way of business transaction buh wit d Nigerians have put it, it us regarded as scam whether legit or not it is tagged as scam- Amara

: Ok....i really believe in it
I have benefited from it...
I developed interest for it...
So still doing my research in it....
 So i would go full into it- Chibuike

: Inasmuch as I may have engaged in them, the scheme is nothing but a scam.

While promising to make people rich, it only succeeds in benefiting a few and stealing from others their money, time, energy and emotions.
You know what is absolutely unethical.
 Pyramid schemes work to enrich the source of the scheme. That's why it's a pyramid. The more outward it goes, the more those at the top gain and those at the bottom of the pyramid lose, because they're the ones paying those at the top.
Now, online networking may or may not be a ponzi scheme.

There are legitimate or credible online networking schemes out there and they're mutually beneficial.
 Afterall, online networking is a marketing strategy which could be used by legitimate businesses to promote their brands.
 I'd say that one is ethical So to me, participation is on any dependents on conscience.

These schemes benefit many and still causes many to lose with no laws outrightly criminalizing their existence or participation in them. .-Olaedo

: Well.... I don't buy into networking because it is not transparent

It is built on lies-Mitchelle

: Yeah its a good one especially In a world of low rate  employment.
 Just that high rate of scam in d world at large discourage people from indulging into such business. But when u get a genuine one like u will b glad u did.-blessing

: Nice idea and profitable -Baron

:There are lots of networking  business out there that pays, no doubt! The major problem we have is that we often give out our data and precious time as Quid pro quo for a mere token. Owing to the fact that some of their ( dealers of online business) behaviors are duplicitous in nature is a call to being more careful. Let's not drag ourselves to the mud in the quest of making money, just because of the scintillating nature of their presentation. -Akunne ( NUASS, UNN CHAPTER)

: I think is a very good stuff. But it's still in its development stages for the fact that people are been scammed online
And it's very hard to get people on referral stuff-Hackangel

: Good-Jenni

: It's nice sha-Annoited

: Its good if one has the time,determination and passion
  But if not..he/she will certainly fail at it-Awele

: Most times a good number of them are major scams and just few outta them are legit .... I personally love online businesses because it saves one the stress of working your ass out in an office for long hours, while the online business allows you work from the convenience of your home.
But one still needs to be careful in venturing into these federal businesses because everyone isn't as honest as you might be and might just back out after cashing therefore putting you at the edge of loosing your money- Micheal Grace

: Ion think I'm interested in referral businesses- Iremeka

: Lol... there's no quick route to money, unless it is crime- Jenny callis

: Am not in any-Eric

: Actually i dont know much bout online business though-Sixpence

: I don't know anything about it o-Chioma

: Ohh ok... It's a good business, it just depends on ur reach- ChizzyP

: I have not put much interest in it anyway-Fada Abraham

: Its nice-Blessing

: Its great-Elder

: It isn't oo-Amanda

: I dunno, i've not done one before- Amara

: It’s a nice business but it’s very hard convincing people to-Chris kenny

: Yes now-Slimdee

: It's nice but I don't really like online business because it doesn't favour me
But it's a nice business for others-Fab

: It's cool- Boss Media

: For me it's not encouraging cos most of them are not reliable-Ella

: For me is a good thing but if you know how to convince a customer that's how you can be able to refer people to the business-Dumbe

: It's scam.
Meant for thieves who wish to reap the sweat of others in the guise of offering them succour.
 Yes, I would have spent more time to throw light into the fact that it shouldn't be allowed to thrive... but it's a waste of time. Africans esp Nigerians love easy money.- Benedict

: Profitable.....yes
Should people venture into it.... yes- Chuks

: Yes.. I'm a network marketer myself
Personally, I think it's a very good way to be in business especially of you don't have a large start up capital- Cheretee

: Not really about that cos I haven't been into it
 And most people see it as scam-Black Barbie

: I won't advice anyone to venture into it
 It has no reasonable business model- Chimefrancis

: I’m personally not a fan of networking business
 I always love to deal with productive business- English Man

: I feels is not all that save-Diamond

: Not good at that-Favour

: I love online business but any one involving referrals i don't because i dont have the time to be looking for people to be under me in order to earn-Izuchukwu

: It's a cool business but some of them na scam-Chinaugo

: Yeah, networking is very nice and profitable but it requires time before you can start earning from it. Not anybody can do referral businesses tho but if one is good at it then, he/she should be encouraged to go into it.-Sandra

: It's helping a lot of idle people get busy-Flipp
: But my take on it is 
If it's legit and reliable of course everyone would want to make that extra cash 
So why I go for it 
Just that sometimes the whole referral thing poses a challenge especially to someone that's not very outspoken or convincing-Dave

: It actually a good one for people who have engaged in it. I can't tell until I have engaged in it.-Chike

: I don't know about it-Chinwe

: Yes..but people should be careful before entering any online business-George

: My take 
Online business or networking business is so cool cuz we have alot of money flowing online which people don't know
 But as for the referral aspect of it, I have issues cuz alot of people don't know and believe in that so referring people would be an issue and personal I have issues with any online business I'm been asked to refer people to get my money or to take money
It's fucked up, why would I have to refer people, can't I mine the money online and make my cash
Something I see it as duping asking me to refer someone other than telling me or showing me rudiments involved in making money online-Akunne

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