We conducted an interview with Lagos State Presenter and this is what she told us about her Good day Ma,
Can we know you?
Okechukwu Peace: My name is Okechukwu Peace Uzoma. I am a presenter. I work under an online TV platform named Boomhouse entertainment services. Ok nice meeting you miss Peace -How was your growing up like, will you say your childhood influenced your presenter career?
Okechukwu Peace : Growing up was just there, nothing fancy. Spent most of it indoors tho. I wont say it affected my career choice tho, never really thought I was going to be a presenter someday😄 Wow, is really nice,
But what shoot you up to presenting,
There must be something that spurred you to go into presenting?
Okechukwu Peace : Well I wanted to learn photography but then my boss started coaching me on being a presenter, so here I am. -WOW,
So you will say you still have passion for photography?
Okechukwu Peace: Yes I do.... And am pretty good at it already That's cool, you can say you a presenter and a photographer too?
Peac: Lolz.... Yhp -Every thing has a beginning, your first day as a presenter, standing with a mic, in front of a camera and interviewing some one, how was the experience?
Okechukwu Peace: It was really overwhelming Any stage fright or nervousness?
Okechukwu  Peace: There was but I didn't let it get the better of me Thats cool During these frights, what better positions do you use and overcome it?
Okechukwu Peace: I simply blank my mind on the fear and focus Ok
-As a presenter, have you experienced challenges during your presenting days?
Okechukwu Peace: Lolz.... Am still in my presenting those... But so far so good nope Ok,
We have heard of entertainers that their parents didn't them support in their career,
How supportive are your parents to your carrer
Okechukwu Peace: Well they are quite supportive, in their own way and I believe they have my back anytime anyday Wow!
What else do you do apart from photography and presenting?
Okechukwu  Peace : Well am also learning editing presently, of both pictures and videos. Simply taking life a step at a time That's nice
- we saw one of your caption
"Life of A Presenter"
Can you tell us, more about the caption
Okechukwu Peace: Lolz... Was simply expressing my joy....
Okechukwu Peace: Life of a presenter is simply what being a presenter feels like and the experiences you get while at it
Okechukwu Peace: Plus how far it could take you That means,
You can say you love your presenting career and wish to keep on the track?
Okechukwu Peace: Definitely On this,
What do you see your self in the next 5years in the entertainment world?
Okechukwu Peace: I really can't say for now, but then it's definitely gonna be a long adventurous journey Can you tell us about your presenting experience?
Okechukwu Peace: All I can say is it's been a really great one so far so good and I believe it's only gonna get better
Is cool
- what is your take on this recent endemic "corona virus"? What roles do you think that entertainers will play in combating this virus?
Okechukwu Peace : I think everyone has a role to play in general. We should help spread word about the virus and let people know it's level of seriousness. And also share ways as to which it could be prevented. We all need to stay safe Ok.
- what advice do you have for those upcoming presenter or those wishing to venture into presenting?
Okechukwu Peace : Be determined and focused, never be too scared to aim high, indulge in self development cos it's very important.... Learn to read books and lastly always be yourself Ok..
You work with boom house entertainment?
Tell us more about boom house entertainment?
Okechukwu Peace: Boom house entertainment services is a whole package on its own. We do event coverages which includes all kinds of events, we are also into photography and cinematography, we record and produce songs for artists, we also indulge in cinematography classes teaching those who have interest in it and want to learn
Okechukwu Peace: We are totally mobile.... Going to different parts of the state for different works and all Ok ma
It was a nice having you ma
Thank you
Okechukwu Peace: Same here dear.... Thanks for having me.

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