Mirah belle "GIFTS"

"A gift is something we were born with, within us, burning. We don't always know where it comes from. Only that it's ever been there, inside us, like a need to do this or that or get something done. Some of us have it singly, and some others have it in multiples, and a few have it in a great way; it seems single but it's multiples rolled into one. It starts low at first, like a fire that was lit and thrown within us the moment we drew our first breath, and it continues so. While some of us try and wave it off, expecting it to burn out, some of us realise its burning low is only a facade, and that it is infact one of the most consistent things in this world. And that no matter what, it never burns out. And these people follow its lead. They do the things they were meant to do, and they are happy and want to do more. With time, its intensity increases, given the dedication to it. And if the single ones are utilized, big things manifest. The mutiplies ones, bigger things do. And the ones like a bomb, that seem single but it's plenty rolled into one, they create great things. And it's not to say one is greater than the other. It is to say that no matter how small it seems, a bigger thing is always in view. A bigger thing will always result. And while some change their towns and states, others shake the world. But in all, a better change has occurred. And that's what we want. That's what we should do."

Tobechi Ikeson (MHIA)

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