A,35 years old woman Mrs Mercy Jummai who is heavily pregnant, accused and burns her 13- year old Son Ovey Friday, of being a wizard. This was done by an herbalist on the instrution of his step mother in Nasarawa State.
He said that his step mother accuses him of always making love to her in her dream. Of which he denied, Which now resulted to Mercy taking him to native doctor for cure, the native doctor a Fulani man, took a rope and tied his hands, then, he brought charcoals out of the fire and poured it on me and tied my hands, asking me to confess that I was a wizard and a member of a secret society. But I told him that I was innocent of what he was accusing me of, then, He brought out powdered pepper and poured it into the fire while the smoke smeared all over my face, with my hands burning, after that, he fetched charcoals from fire (he did this three times), that was when I began to pray to God. When he saw that I was praying, he came back and untied the rope from my hands, but my wrists, palms and fingers were already badly burnt
They brought me home and the next day, I woke up to see that both my hands had swollen. It was at that time that they took me to hospital for treatment.”
 Friday who is Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital, Lafia, says he has forgiven his tomentor as the police has arrested the suspects.

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