When my friend told me she was making kinky hair style

When my friend told me she was making a kinky hairstyle ...
I began to wonder what's all about kinky hairstyle and why the funny name attached so I decided to come up with a little story about it....
So let's go

History of kinky hair:
In its Indian origins, the “jaTaa”, which means “wearing twisted locks of hair,” was a hairstyle worn by many of the figures written about 2,500 years ago. Braids were used to signify marital status, age, religion, wealth, and rank within West African communities....

Different styles of kinky
1)Curled Medium Length Twist Braids Hairstyle
2)Senegalese Twists with Kinky Marley Hair
3) Medium Length Kinky Asymmetrical
4) Short Twists Braids Bob with Kinky Hair
5) Long Mini Senegalese Twists with Braiding Hair
6)When my friend told me she was making a kinky hairstyle ...

Why kinky hair to other hair style:
kinky hair is being able to throw it up in a puff, bun, or 5 minute updo that requires only 3 bobby pins before running out the door. Not only are all these looks quick, but they are also versatile, being appropriate for work, a date, the gym, or even a wedding...and to me I think its the most natural hair style and it does not require much hair cream and hair medicine to apply and it's as expensive as braids and weav
on to make but trust me some ladies does not know how to keep kinky hair, it looks rough on most ladies with strands of dirt particles and foam spot attached....so next time you want to make ya hair and you have some difficult in choosing hair styles, why not make kinky..

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