You think you are an Entrepreneur

Is not always think big, start small

Here is the real deal

Entrepreneurship is a scam, it doesn't tell you the full story. Many people rush into it with the hope of making money but often get tired, battered, bruised and disappointed after a short while.

The easiest way to become rich is not by being an entrepreneur, it is by solving problems, filling a need, or introducing new and exciting ideas.

The next set of billionaires will not be those who can compete in the market, they are great minds who can creatively solve problems or birth innovations.

People will not be eager to buy what they already have in abundance, but they will pay anything for something that solves a genuine problem or fills an important need for them.

This is why this new age of innovators and business people excite me. If we look around, we will see different young people like us creating solutions to real problems around us.

Solutions like UBER, O'ride, Barter, and many others are making life easier for us and the owners are cashing out daily!

So, when you want to start a business or create something, do not do it because others are doing it, but because it solves an urgent need in your community or it's a creative approach to existing problems.

One exemplary person on Facebook here, whose story excites me, is Gold.

Having searched for white collar jobs for so long, she finally landed one with a security gadget company which required her to work in the sun for long hours, trying to convince people to buy gadgets.

As a result, she got darker and had several issues with her skin. The therapists she consulted couldn't help her, and she had to resort to reading and researching on her own to save her skin.

In the course of that, she learnt about making body scubs from organic ingredient. She tried it out and it worked out for her. Sharing her excitement with friends, she soon realized that she had just found a solution to a real problem for many people; male and female alike. Boom! A business idea was formed and her startup, Rojivs Organics was formed in December 2018.

Today makes it 6 months since she started and it's been a great journey doing something that solves real problems for people and making money off it. That's a business that is sustainable and can build wealth. I am excited about the prospects of that business in a few years.

This is to specially congratulate Gold Folakè for 6 months of creating real solutions, restoring confidence and making genuine income. I also celebrate every other entrepreneur who's not just in it to become rich overnight, but with creative approach to solving problems, you all are the superheroes among us.



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  1. All about entrepreneurship, I think it should be a subject taught in primary schools so that people start as infants to start looking for ideas and solutions to human problems.
    In this way, I believe that the society will go a long way in development and more people will come out as successful entrepreneurs even at young ages.


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